Automated Content Posting Trick using Feedly

In this video training, I show you how I automate posting to dozens of Facebook fan pages using RSS Feeds and a slick new software… AND, I do it with Viral content, working on a few minutes each day.

I use Feedly and Zapier together to automate a review and posting process. Plus, I show you how to add your own comments to give it your own personal style.

You can use IFTTT, if you don’t have Zapier. However, if you’re managing client pages, then you’ll need Zapier to make setup easy and fast.

I plan on delivering more automation and time saving skills over the next few months. These are tested and proven to work for both my consulting clients and my own websites and social media accounts.



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About the Author:

Meet Damon Nelson, creator of multiple online marketing tools, SEO consulting, video productions, commercials, and coaching series at VidPenguin Productions. Mr. Nelson has specialized in helping local and national businesses take their companies online with a strategic and integrated web site design, domain name monetization, social media management, messenger marketing and cost effective ROI advertising for the last 10 years. And if you have a business that needs more customers and want to develop a true relationship with your leads, he is ready to help you too!