This is the year for video ads and Facebook messenger to come together for one perfect union.

What you’ll see in 2019 is the merging of Facebook Video Ads, AI, Lead Gen, and Facebook Messenger Ads to create one of the best ways for lead generation and customer engagement.

Facebook has been making constant improvements to their Messenger service over the last 18 months and the chat bot services are taking advantage of all these improvements and data sharing with Artificial “Like” intelligent responses. And just recently, one of the top chat bot services, ManyChat added variable input and calculations. This doesn’t sound like much as far as features. However, if you take it one step further, one can turn Facebook Messenger into a mortgage calculator, tax estimator, college scholarship budget tool, or even more niche oriented calculation tools.

Add to this, the ability to logic branch off the results to different responses and customer interactions. Plus toss in a video bumper at the end of each results to talk about the calculated results and what is the next step.

Take for instance, a mortgage broker targeted Facebook messenger ads to the demographics newlyweds with a behavior as a new home buyer, location Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Frisco in Texas. Offering them a free mortgage calculator to see how much home they can afford. Then at the end of their input and the result is shown, a video pops up and the broker tells them they could qualify for a home selling for $250k, then he takes 1 step further by showing them 3 homes in that price range in different areas of the DFW area. With a video walkthrough of each.

At the end of each video walkthrough, the RE agent would have CTA bumper with an appointment setting app so they could make an appointment to see that house and others like it in the area and at their price range.

The amazing part of all this, they could do it from their phone on a Saturday morning and be scheduled for a private showing of these houses by noon. The agent’s cost was the Facebook messenger ad to a Mortgage Calculator with costs as low as $1 and possibly get a 3% buyer fee of a $250k home within a few weeks of closing on the home they showed.

All this is now possible with a phone camera, a messenger bot (like ManyChat), and a Facebook Ads account. Or the other option is to call Launch Ninjas, and let us set up this messenger sales funnel for you.