Today's B2B buyers are pickier than ever when it comes to branded content. DemandGen Report's annual survey found that 88 percent want lead magnets which focus more on business benefits, while 75 percent want more data-driven content.

Building trust with B2B buyers may be more challenging than ever, but high-value lead magnets can create a steady stream of qualified prospects.


15 B2B Lead Magnet Ideas for 2019

To inspire your B2B content strategy, we've curated a list of high-returns ideas for lead magnets. Beyond basic eBooks and whitepapers, these offers reflect the latest research into the habits of B2B decision makers.

1. Expert Guides

Create a single-page insider guide which offers unique insight and actionable tips The average B2B buyer spends just 5 minutes reviewing brand content, so brevity matters.

2. Datasheets

Create an industry overview using fresh, high-quality research.

3. Case Studies

Forty-five percent of B2B buyers are spending more time on research than in previous years. Video or written case studies can lend important social proof of your brand's impact.

4. Webinars

Hosting a webinar which can be viewed on-demand. Forty-eight percent of B2B buyers say webinars are their top choice for content formats in the middle stages of the buying cycle.

5. Templates

Simplify a confusing process by providing an easy-to-use template for spreadsheet calculations.

6. Surveys

Offer engaging, educational quizzes or surveys. One case study revealed a B2B quiz had a conversion rate of over 84 percent.

7. Coupons

Offer a coupon for your product or a partner's product.

8. Events

Events are the biggest driver of B2B leads, according to Marketing Charts research.

9. Online Courses

Online education has become a $275 billion industry. Create a series of high-impact videos.

10. Calculators

Provide an application or spreadsheet to help your prospects calculate conversion rates, return-on-investment (ROI), or another equation. Calculators are the top choice for later-stage content among 48 percent of B2B buyers.

11. Free Trials

Offer prospects a 30-day trial of your product or a digital sample of your services to showcase your work and educate potential buyers.

12. Social Contests

Running social contests on Facebook can enable your organization to reach highly-targeted prospects.

13. Expert Advice

Provide an opportunity for prospects to sign up for a complimentary consultation with an on-staff experts, without any sales pitch.

14. Success Guides
30 or 60-day success guides can be a form of lead magnet content which encourages extended engagement.
15. Content Bundles

Bundle several pieces of relevant content, such as a whitepaper and eBook or several eBook templates, into an all-in-one guide.


Conclusion: Delivering High-Value Lead Magnets

B2B buyers in 2019 will be more discerning than ever when it comes to consuming brand content. By creating lead magnets which offer unique, immediate value and focus on the prospect, marketers can build trust and generate targeted contacts.